Friday, 25 March 2016

Bye for now

Posted by: Dom Lowth

Recently this blog has slowed down a lot. We’ve gone from posting every week on a Sunday night to posting most weeks, and the content isn’t good. Two weeks ago I wrote about paper aeroplanes - that says it all. The problem is that updating thunk weekly can never really work because, unsurprisingly, the school routine doesn’t give you much to write about.

Midway through last week I realised Ryan hadn’t posted, so I sent him a message to check he’d remembered it was his turn. He replied with this:

I’ve got nothing to write about. Tbh I'm sick of doing thunk. Both of our recent posts bear that out. I'll do it but it might be time to call it for a while.

I was pretty surprised at first, because we’d recently had a chat about the site and agreed to treat it like a sort of regular diary that we could look back on when we were older and laugh at, and remember stuff with. I realised he was right pretty fast though.

So thunk needs a change.

The actual site’s staying where it is, but from now on there’s not going to be a post every week. We’ll write when we have something we actually want to write about, and that way both the quality of our writing and the content should improve.

People do read thunk, so it would be a massive waste to just throw it away and give up. It’s a platform that we can use to post the stuff we want people to see. That's what we’ll do.

See you soon. (ish)

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