Sunday, 15 November 2015

知觉 | So this is me

Posted by: Dom Lowth

Let me tell you some things about myself:

I am 17 years old, and on January 3rd I’ll be 18, which is 57 days away (but it won’t be when you read this). I can juggle 3 balls, and 2 balls in each hand. I only really started juggling because my dad could, and he showed off about it. I’m learning 4 balls at the moment, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually possible. I play piano as my main instrument. I taught myself some guitar too. I sing sometimes. My main sport was rugby a few years ago, but things got in the way of training. I now swim twice a week with the school team.

My star sign is Capricorn, which apparently means something. I love taking photos. I like ham sandwiches but they give me hiccups, which is weird. So do baked potatoes, which I also like, but always burn the roof of my mouth on. I’m a big fan of all things potato, and I rate fried potatoes as my favourite type, followed closely by roast potatoes, then baked and mashed.

I overthink some things, and definitely underthink others. I’m quite a relaxed person on the whole, and even if there’s a lot going on in my head, I usually don’t show it. I’m one to think through personal problems myself, until I can conclude that they’re not really problems at all. It’s a boy thing I guess. I try to live by the rule that there’s no point getting upset about something you can’t change.

My paragraphing in this post means nothing by the way. You might have guessed.

I’m tall, which is great for festivals and gigs (because I can see from wherever I am) but bad for fitting in beds, suit trousers, and through doorways. My favourite subject is English, and I’m hoping to study it at university in a year. I’m nervous and excited. More excited than nervous. I’m not any good at maths or science really, but I kind of wish I was, and I definitely wish I had the same desire to understand the natural workings of the world around me as I do to write about it. I’m also studying economics and sociology at the moment.

I used to have a fear of roller-coasters, and refused to go on any until a couple of years ago. My friends bullied me into it one day, and it was one of the funnest things I’d ever done, so now I can’t get enough of them. ‘Funnest’ isn’t actually a word, as it turns out. I also used to have a fear of the dark, and heights, but I must have lost them somewhere down the line. There’s a scar on the bottom of my right foot, and a faint birth mark on my arm that looks a bit like a splash of ink. I bet some people would say that links to a past life or something, idk.

I don’t like coke. Fanta’s good though, and I recently discovered that it tastes different in Zambia, and is a different shade of orange. I am unusually warm-blooded, or just amazing at retaining my body heat, and often sleep with my bedroom window wide open in winter. The summer months (in which our exams take place) can be pretty bad.

I can't think of anything else.

A reminder:

You can know a lot about someone without actually knowing them.

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