Sunday, 7 June 2015

现实 | Second thoughts

Posted by: Ryan O'Riordan

Before I get going properly, I’m just going to admit that the title of this post is completely unrelated to the actual content. I commit probably 98% of the time I spend writing these to trying to think of a snappy title, which I’m sure is a struggle we’ve all faced. To be honest, when this popped into my head I thought it was too good not to use, even if the actual post was going to be a detailed analysis of The Catcher in the Rye. It definitely isn’t going to be that by the way, so apologies to any literary analysis fans out there.

Anyway, with my introductory tangent out of the way I thought I’d make this post about a topic of extreme importance: Procrastination (DUN DUN DUNNN).

After all, I think it’s about time I came to terms with the scale of my problem with this, and you probably have something you should be doing instead of reading a blog, even if it is the finest blog to have ever graced the internet. Maybe we can use this post as a form of long-distance, anonymous group therapy. I won’t judge you for crying, I promise. As Dom can - and probably will - tell you, I’m awful for procrastination; truly terrible. There is nothing I won't put off in favour of doing something pointless. If I ever get a job that requires constant focus the consequences would be too terrible to imagine. In fact I can see the headlines now:


Nobody wants their holiday to begin (and end I suppose) in fiery agony and I fear that my procrastination habit could one day make this a very real scenario.

Moving away from the dramatic and towards the mundane, I think it’s only recently that I’ve realised the extent of my time wasting. For example, due to the way this blog is set out I only actually have to contribute to it every other week. You’d think that I’d very easily be able to wrangle my thoughts in to some kind of shape during that time frame. But no, I inevitably get writing at the very last possible minute. In fact I managed to be late for my very first post and put something up the day after I was supposed to.

The way professional procrastinators such as myself (I’m thinking of starting a club, anyone else interested?) usually rationalise this is by repeatedly telling ourselves: 'I’ve got ages to do this!'
And while this is probably true, the sad fact is, my friend, that those 'ages' would be better spent doing something that it is actually interesting once you’ve gotten your responsibilities out of the way, rather than finding yourself on Wikipedia reading about the Moscow metro system.

The question I always ask myself is 'why?' Why am I drawn to time wasting like a moth to a flame? Why can I never get rid of this awful habit? Why is the Moscow metro so interesting?

And now I’m going to cop out massively and say that with questions as big as these, you can’t really expect me to know the answers. Maybe some genius among you readers will be able to tell me why I’m haunted by this burning need to know more about soviet-era public transport, but only when I’ve got homework to do or something... and I’ll manage to be productive for once.

So thanks for reading whatever this was and I’ll be back the Sunday after next!

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